What The Hell is a JayJay?

Those of you with young kids may already know all about JayJay, but for the rest of you, the name probably means nothing at all. JayJay is a 6-year old jet plane who hangs out with all of his friends at Tarrytown airport. It’s a fun place where kids are allowed to let their imagination fly as high as the jet planes that live there, and they can get into all kinds of different fun activities by visiting JayJay’s official website. Let’s take a closer look at what you and your little ones can get up to at the website.

The first thing that you should do is take some time to get to know all the characters that live and work at Tarrytown Airport. JayJay is a very popular little jet plane, and he has a lot of friends to choose from. Kids will almost certainly choose their favorites, and there is a lot of choice. Snuffy is a skywriter, not to mention the youngest of the group, and he is sure to be a big hit with the little ones. There is also Herky the helicopter and Tuffy the tow truck, as well as a bunch of others who ae all very cool in their own way.

Once you get to know the characters, you can then watch them do all sorts of fun things. There are videos to watch and songs to sing along to, which is all part of the interactive nature of the site. There is also a fan club that you can join, which comes with a number of great little benefits. Joining gets access to games, a newsletter, and cool stuff for your computer, such as wallpapers and screensavers. The fan club is perhaps the best way to really get to know all the planes at the Tarrytown Airport.

Kids who love JayJay and his friends are going to want to have all kinds of cool stuff, and there is an official Tarrytown store where you can get all kinds of great things for the little ones. It’s even possible to have a full JayJay themed birthday party, as there are cakes, gift baskets, and all kinds of different things that can be used to create Tarrytown Airport in your own home. There is also a calendar of events that helps you to keep up to date with everything that is going on in JayJay’s world.

The JayJay website is one that parents can let their kids explore without worrying about what they might see or hear. Kids will learn valuable life lessons based on the way in which jayJay and his friends behave and interact with one another. It’s a great place to go and spend some fun time, and it’s also a site that will help kids learn the importance of friendship and helping others.